F40A4264-ReelNegative-RobWallaceWorking at a glass company doing sales and bookkeeping may not sound like a path to becoming a confectioner, but that’s what happened to Mindy Miller, founder of Tahoe Toffee Candy Co. As someone who always baked and made candy over the holidays, Mindy made gift baskets for the glass company’s customers that included homemade cookies and candy. Mindy started selling some of her gift baskets on the side to local stores in Gardnerville, Nevada and when she lost her job in 2009, she turned to Tahoe Toffee to get by. Mindy’s recipes have been perfected for over 20 years and are truly ones you wont soon forget and worth sharing with your friends and loved ones. Sweet butter hard toffee with chocolate and chopped almonds, caramel corn and hand dipped honeycomb are just a few of the treats that come to mind when envisioning Mindy’s kitchen. It is her desire to share her original recipes with the world and it has become a full time family business! 40 different stores carry her confections from hotel-casinos to small gift shops. You can find a list of those stores here or you can order direct by clicking here.